Avon Lodge 1983 To Date

1983 November – Group 2 WAML commissioned Mrs. Joan Sealey to produce a portrait of W/Bro. H.King wearing his new Provincial Regalia, following his recent appointment as Assistant Provincial Grand Master. Worcs.

1984 July – A special meeting was held to launch an appeal to build sheltered accommodation
for aged Brethren In the Province. The proposal was that Avon Lodge would donate £1500 from General Funds.

1985 April – The WM reported the passing to The Grand Lodge Above of Bro. Harold Eastment.

1985 September – A sub committee was formed to plan the 75th Anniversary of Avon Lodge
comprising :- W/Bros. King, Moss, Emmerson, Sealey and Smith.

1985 November – The WM reported the passing to the Grand Lodge Above. of W/Bro. Sheaf.

1986 October – A report from the 75th Anniversary Planning Sub Committee, that an order had been placed with J.M.H.Rodwell (Regalia) Ltd. High Wycombe to supply a new Lodge Banner. At a cost of £545/550 using funds that had previously been bequeathed by W/Bro. Lieut. Col.O.W.Dudley – Smith.

1987 January – In the presence of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, E.F.Hanson JP. A special Lodge meeting was held, by dispensation on 19th January 1987, to commemorate and celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the consecration of Avon Lodge.
Included in the labour for the evening, was the presentation of the new Lodge Banner by Bro. T.E.Campion to the PGM. The banner was then dedicated by W/Bro. J.C.Guise Prov. Grand Chaplain.
Another item of labour for the evening was the reading of the Avon Lodge 75 years – A Brief History, written and presented by VW/Bro. H. King.

1988 November – The Raising of Bro. T. Jenkins

1988 December – The Raising of Bro. P.M.Sealey

1989 September – Passing to The Grand Lodge Above, of W/Bro. Dennis Gilbert,
Bros. David Fawthrop and Richard Warwick proposed as joining members.

1989 November – A 50th Anniversary in Freemasonry was presented to W/Bro. Oliver Davies.

1989 November – A coach trip To Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street London, which was organised by W/Bro. D.C. Griffiths, was most sucessful, enjoyed by many and made a profit of £60 which was donated to a charity of his choice.

1989 December – W/Bro. Annis proposed as a Re-Joining Member.

1990 January – W/Bro. E. Moss reported the passing to the Grand Lodge Above, of W/Bro. S. Stubbs.

Bro. Barnett, Tyler to all three Craft Lodges, known affectionately to all as Barney, is retiring, and joint discussions are taking place regarding a suitable tribute.

1990 April – Mr. Wayne Merrick mentioned for the first time, as a candidate for initiation into Avon Lodge.

1990 September – Mention of passing to the Grand Lodge Above, of W/Bro. Gordon Dobson, W/Bro. John Pettifer and Bro. Barnett.

1992 January – At the Business Meeting on 13th January 1992, Bro. Gerald Taylor was proclaimed Master Elect to be installed at the February Meeting.

1992 February – W/Bro. Edwin Hill was appointed and invested as Lodge Almoner, taking over the office from W/Bro. Stan Sealey, who had completed 13 years as Almoner.

1992 April – Bro. John Annis, at Committee, asked if the Lodge would like to have a wreath endorsed with its name and Masonic Badge to be laid on Remembrance Day at Pershore Abbey. This was carried unanimously.

1992 November – Under the Mastership of W/Bro. Gerald Taylor, it was recorded that, W/Bro. Taylor himself, was prepared to purchase a jewel commemorating the 275th Anniversary of the order, for Avon Lodge. The Committee agreed to accept this offer with grateful thanks, and noted that the jewel would be inscribed accordingly.

1993 November – Mentioned in the committee that, next year (1994) would see the 80th Anniversary of Avon Lodge of Instruction, and that some form of celebration could be arranged.

1994 – Announcement of the passing to The Grand Lodge Above of W/Bro. H.W.King PSGD Asst. PGM on December 27th 1993.

1994  – Passing to the Grand Lodge Above of Rev. W/Bro. Oliver Davies.. Avon Lodge Chaplain.

1994 – October – Bro. Les Widdus was proposed as a joining Member.

1995 March – Format of the new Avon Lodge Song Book was discussed, including tribute photograph of the late W/Bro. H.W. King, contained therin.

1996 September – W/Bro. E.R. Baller, and W/Bro. H.D.Hendrick passed to the Grand Lodge Above.

1997 March – W/Bro.R.D. Hendrick said that he and his family would present to Avon Lodge, new gauntlets in memory of his father, the late W/Bro. H.D.Hendrick PPJGD (Surrey)

1997 September – Passing to the Grand Lodge Above of W/ Bro. Mike Smith.

1998 W/Bro. R.W.Leighton passed to the Grand Lodge Above. Avon made a contribution to the Yates Trust Building Fund.
April – Raising of Bro. A.J.Allen.

1999 – Avon Lodge made a £1000.00 donation the the 2000 Provincial Appeal.

2000 – Avon Lodge visit to Grand Lodge, London. A good attendance was achieved for the 2000 Festival in Birmingham. A most successful trip for Avon Widows to Coughton Court NT. was arranged.
W/Bro. A.P.Smith passed to the Grand Lodge Above.

2001  – Provision of an Altar Cloth in Memory of W/Bro. A.P.Smith, at Wormington Church.
W/Bro. A.P. Smith’s bequest to provide port for all members.
W/Bro. D. Harris passed to the Grand Lodge Above.
Under the Mastership of W/Bro. Paul Sealey, an enjoyable Widows outing River Trip in Stratford on Avon was arranged.

2002  – Ladies to Dine combined with Business Meeting in January tradition was started.

2003  – Ladies to Dine, January. August Pig Roast. W/Bro. B. Baller passed to the Grand Lodge Above.
December – Bro. D.B.Salisbury raised to the third degree.

2004 – Ladies to Dine, January. Donations from W/Bro. Goss and W/Bro. Moss, to be used to refurbish the Master’s Collar.
W/Bro. S.W.F.Sealey and Bro. Slough passed to the Grand Lodge Above.

2005  – Presentation to the Lodge of the refurbished Worshipful Master’s collar, and new collars for IPM, SW and JW, to commemorate W/Bro A.E.Moss’s 50 years in Freemasonry. All having been paid for by W/Bro. A.E.Moss.
W/Bros. C.Kenyon and D. Fawthrop passed to the Grand Lodge Above.

2007 – A donation of £100 by Mrs. Mildred Crooke, in memory of W/Bro. Cyril Crooke, past Tyler. W/Bros. A.J.Quarterman, A.E.Moss and E.H.J.Hill passed to The Grand Lodge Above.

2009  – W/Bro. R.F. Williams, passed to The Grand Lodge Above.

2010  – December, Bro. A. Richardson was raised to the third degree. W/Bro. C.D.Slocombe, passed to the Grand Lodge Above.

2011  –  June. Avon Lodge contributed £12,832 towards a Provincial Total of £1.6 million, at the end of a five year long appeal on behalf of The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.