The History Of Avon Lodge

Avon Lodge was warranted in 1911, with the Consecration Ceremony taking place on 19th January 1912.

The name was derived from the Warwickshire Avon which rises in the Northamptonshire uplands, and flows through Warwick, Stratford, Evesham and Pershore before joining the Severn at Tewkesbury. Though the lodge now meets in Evesham, for the first 54 years it was based at Pershore, and its banner portrays the coat-of-arms of the Abbey. The illustration shows two figures holding the crest which displays the arms :- “Sable, on a chevron or, bearing three holly leaves vert with three anthills, two and one, each decorated with four ant gules”  The golden chevron has three green leaves ; above there are two anthills, each with four red ants, while there is one such anthill below.The ants suggest purposeful activity and the holly leaves imply continuity. The gold chevron is on a black ground. The All-seeing Eye and the name label is above the central design.Abbey Arms












Here in Avon Lodge we feel justifiably proud of the achievements of three of our Past Masters , and below are some of the details of these three “notables” :-

W/Bro. General Sir Francis J. Davies, one of the Founders and prime movers of Avon Lodge, our first WM in 1912 and 1913.   He was appointed Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Worcestershire in 1919, and in 1935 he was appointed Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.WBro.-General-Sir-Francis-J


Secondly, W/Bro. Lieut. Colonel. O.W.Dudley-Smith, who was WM of Avon Lodge in 1951, was appointed Senior Grand Deacon of the United Grand Lodge of England in 1960, and in the following year, 1961, was appointed Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Worcestershire, installed as PGM in 1962 holding the office until 1973.WBro.-Lieut.-Colonel.-O.W.D


Thirdly, W/Bro. H.W.King, who was WM of Avon Lodge in 1963 and 1982, was appointed Provincial Grand Warden in the Province of Worcestershire in 1967. He was also appointed Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in the United Grand Lodge of England in 1973. This was followed by an appointment as Assistant Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Worcestershire in 1983, a position which he held until 1993. Later in 1985 he was awarded further Grand Lodge honours, when he was appointed Senior Grand Deacon of the United Grand Lodge of England in 1985.WBro.-H.W.King



This image below is an oil painting by Mrs. Joan Sealey (Wife of Stan Sealey)especially commissioned to commemorate his appointment as APGMWorcs. in1983
















The 50th Anniversary of Avon Lodge was celebrated at The Angel Hotel on 11th January 1962, under the Mastership of W/Bro. G.E.Farr, and on that occasion W/Bro. Albert Pettifer gave a brief history of the first 50 years, the notes from which assisted W/Bro. Henry King to produce a considerably detailed history of Avon Lodge, 25 years later, entitled.. “Avon Lodge..75 years, a brief History”.

The 75th Anniversary of Avon Lodge was celebrated with an emergency Lodge meeting on Monday 19th January 1987, under the Mastership of W/Bro. Edwin Hill and was arranged to coincide with a new banner dedication by the PGM Edward Frederick Hanson JP. Part of the labour included a presentation of the 75 year History by W/Bro. Henry King.
This 75 year Lodge History forms the basis of the text that follows, with additional detail provided by W/Bro. Roger Hendrick.

“Going back in time to 1911, the Lodge appears to have been formed and consecrated over a very short period . Fortunately there was some interesting correspondence to do with this time, of which the earliest is dated 29th September 1911 – less than four months before the date of consecration.

It would appear that the principal moving spirits were probably Bros. Leofric Robert Seymour, Walter John Hunt and W/Bro. J.A.Trenfield. The first two were both solicitors residing in Pershore and the last mentioned was a commercial Traveller living in Tewkesbury. Bro. Seymour’s lodge is given as the Cambrian Lodge No. 364, meeting in Neath. Bro. Hunt was a member of Worcester Lodge No. 280, whilst W/Bro Trenfield was a Past Master of St. George’s Lodge No. 900 meeting in Tewkesbury.

One of the founders, W/Bro M.J.B.Anderson, was a surgeon residing in Cedars Road, Clapham Common, and a Past Master of three lodges meeting in London. He apparently came into the picture because he was very friendly with one of the Pershore doctors, namely Dr. Rusher, and he was rather anxious to persuade Dr. Rusher to become a Mason.

On 16th October 1911 a circular letter was sent out telling those interested that it was proposed to hold a meeting of the founders on 27th October 1911 at the Angel Hotel Pershore “when W/Bro. Brigadier General Davies C.B., who has kindly consented to be the first Worshipful Master, will be present”

Things must have proceeded at a fair pace for by the middle of December letters were going backwards and forwards regarding the actual consecration, time and place. It is interesting to note that someone, who is not recorded, had suggested that the consecration should take place at Worcester. This was unceremoniously rejected. One epistle reads as follows. “Thank you for your letter. In my opinion it will utterly ruin the prospects of the new lodge to hold the consecration at Worcester. I very strongly object and am writing the WM. Why should we put money in the pockets of Worcester people?”. The Master designate was equally determined that it should not be held at Worcester and in a letter from him to the acting secretary, he says “ I hear there is a suggestion that the consecration should be held in Worcester. I have written to the Deputy Provincial Grand Master telling him that, in my opinion, to do so will have an exceedingly bad effect and expressing a hope that nothing of the kind will be”. Three days later, on 25th December, he writes a further letter saying “ I am glad that everything is now settled as regards holding the consecration at Pershore”. He also adds a paragraph that “I understand from the PGM that full dress is to be worn – in the printing there should therefore be “Grand Officers will wear full dress”.

It does not seem to be recorded when the petition was officially sent to the Province but, in a letter from Worcester Lodge dated 7th November 1911 there is a request that “the petition will be brought before the lodge as was done in the case of the Evesham lodge. Please therefore bring the petition with you on 15th instant.” In a letter dated 21st November 1911 from the Provincial Grand Secretary, he states : “The petition, if put in at once, cannot be granted until the next meeting of Grand Lodge on 6th December, and assuming that the charter is then granted it would leave very little time to carry out all the necessary arrangements. Again, the date must depend on the PGM’s arrangements and I therefore think that the second Monday in February would be more suitable. May I remind you that a cheque for £10 – 10s (10 guineas) must accompany the petition”

In a further letter from the Provincial Secretary dated 14th December he writes : “ I have received news that Grand Lodge has granted the Warrant for the above and that the same is being prepared. Instructions are given on the same document, the arrangements for consecration must NOT BE MADE until we are advised that the Warrant is signed. In view of the foregoing, I am instructed by the RWPGM to inform you that, as the MWGM, as well as the Pro. GM are absent from England, there may be such delay as will prevent the consecration taking place on 19th January as fixed. I will let you know as soon as I hear the Warrant is in order.”

It would appear that in those days it might have made a difference who you knew as well as what you knew because somehow the petition was signed and issued in time for the consecration to take place in January.

Another little item of interest is that the Province at that time obviously did not own any consecrating vessels, and the General took it up with Spencer and Co. , who offered to hire the vessels at £2 – 2s, but, as the Avon Lodge were purchasing their outfit from them, they would be pleased to reduce it in this instance to 21s net. This offer was in due course accepted and the consecrating vessels from Spencer and Co. were used.

The consecration took place at the Music Hall in Pershore on 19th January 1912 at 2.30pm. The R.W. Bro. Sir William Campbell, Provincial Grand Master of Worcestershire, performed the ceremony, supported by Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W/Bro. W. T. Page. There were a total of 77 Brethren present . Whilst this, by present day standards may seem low, it should be remembered that, at that time, the entire Province consisted of only 19 lodges, of whom 3 were at Worcester, 1 at Evesham, 1 at Malvern and 1 at Tenbury Wells. Travel in 1912 was probably not as easy, especially in the winter months, as it is today.

The-Music-HallThe Music Hall is a building just behind No. 66 High street Pershore, built in 1864 and was used for all public functions as well as traditional Music Hall acts including famous characters such as Vesta Tilley. The building still stands today, converted into flats, and accessed via Priest Lane.


Of the Petitioners, 7 were, or had been, members of the Worcester Lodge (280). One was a member of St. George’s Lodge at Tewkesbury (900), and one was a member of Semper Fidelis No. 529.

The Sponsor Lodge was Worcester (280). and to quote the remarks of the late W/Bro. Albert Pettifer : “We were fortunate in having the very old lodge Worcester 280 to sponsor us. Their WM, W/Bro.C.E.More, was present with his officers and more than 5 of their Past Masters were in attendance. They also provided us with a Tyler, Bro. J. Rabband.” Unfortunately there is no reference in the minutes to any Oration by the Provincial Grand Chaplain, although Bro. The Rev. Hugh Price was present as Provincial Grand Chaplain and as usual, there is an instruction in the printed consecration programme for an oration to be given.

After the Consecration the first Master, Brigadier General Francis J. Davies, P.G.D., was duly installed in the chair by W/Bro. W.S.Page, Deputy Provincial Grand Master.  During the Lodge Business, 3 joining Members and 14 candidates for initiation were proposed. Two of the joining Members were members of St. Georges Lodge No. 900. It is interesting to note in some of the correspondence that the founders regretted that they had overlooked their good friends from the Tewesbury side and obviously immediately made some amends. The third joining member was one Bro. Richard Fridlington, Elmley Castle, Pershore lately a Sergeant in the Egyptian Army, of the Bulwer Lodge of Cairo No. 1068 and of the Sir Reginald Wingate Lodge No. 2955. He was proposed by the new WM , and was at that time the Landlord of the Queen’s Head in Elmley Castle. The Bulwer Lodge is still meeting at Slough, but regrettably, Sir Reginald Wingate Lodge is no longer in existence.

At the first ordinary meeting held on 12th February 1912 , the ballots having proved clear, the three joining members were admitted, and two of them immediately invested, one as DC , and the other as Steward (Bro. Fridlington, Landlord of the Queen’s Head, who then became Senior Steward!). At this same meeting, the 14 candidates for initiation were balloted and elected, and 5 of them were initiated, namely Messrs. Mason, Smith, Rusher,Emmerson and Falkener. Charles Mason, who was Organist at Pershore Abbey, was of course promptly appointed and invested Lodge Organist!

During the 11th March Meeting, another 5 were initiated, namely Messrs. Cook, Wood, Cooke, Watson and Fernside. And another 4 Bros. Passed to the Second Degree, namely Falkener, Emmerson, Rusher and Mason.

At the 13th April Meeting, 3 were initiated, namely Messrs. Baldwin, Dent and Pettifer. And 3 Brethren were raised to the third Degree, Namely Falkener, Emmerson, and Rusher. And Mr. Grizzell was proposed and seconded as a candidate for initiation. Again, quoting from W/Bro. Albert Pettifer’s notes : “When I was initiated, with two others, Bros. Dent and Baldwin, the Lodge had previously done three Raisings at the same meeting and it was 10 o’clock when we sat down to dinner!”

During the 9th September Meeting, a Mr. Grizzell was balloted and elected, Bros. Taylor, Wood and Cook were passed to the second degree and Bro. Mason raised to the third degree, an amendment to the By-laws was proposed.

At the fifth meeting on 14th October, Mr. Rolles (a Lewis), Mr. Smith and Mr Grizzell were initiated, Bros. Taylor, Wood and Cook were raised. The WM then passed the chair to W/Bro. Trenfield who then passed Bros. Watson and Fearnside. PGL approved changes to by-laws
The Landlord had written to the Lodge, proposing an increase in rent to £15 per annum, to finance the provision of a larger Lodge Room and Robing Room.

The sixth meeting on 11th November with W/Bro. Trenfield acting as WM, Bros. Baldwin, Dent, Pettifer and Smith, having been asked the usual questions, retired from the Lodge, the Lodge was opened in the second degree, Bro. Fearnside, a candidate for 3rd Degree, answered the usual questions and retired, the Lodge was opened in the 3rd degree, Bro Fearnside re-admitted and raised to the 3rd degree, the Lodge was then closed and re-opened in in the 2nd, Bros. Baldwin,Dent,Pettifer and Smith were then passed to the second degree, with the acting WM presenting the 2nd degree tracing board.

At the seventh meeting on 9th December, Bros. Watson and Smith were raised to the third degree, and Bro. Rolles passed to the second degree, and the tracing board presented by the WM.

The eighth meeting on 20th January 1913, Bros. Baldwin and Brent were raised to the 3rd degree, and a resignation from Bro. M J B Anderson was recorded. The WM W/Bro. Brig.Gen.F J Davies CB PM PGD, was declared elected by ballot and became our WM for the second year.

The ninth meeting, held under dispensation at the Music Hall Pershore on 10th February 1913, with Sir Wm. Campbell KGB PGM in attendance, W/Bro. F J Davies appointed and installed his officers
that being a virtual repeat of the previous year and proceeded to perform a third degree ceremony and the presentation of Grand Lodge Certificates to seven Bros.

In the first year, 16 members were initiated, passed and raised, the foundation of the first Lodge of Instruction was proposed, and voted for in November 1913.  January 1914 saw the first stages of progression, with the Senior Warden balloted as WM in February 1914, Bro. Pearson was installed by W/Bro. F. J. Davies PSGW, and the first presentation of a Past Master’s Jewel was made.

The annual subscription set when the lodge was founded was two guineas, equating to £2-10p today, however the average earnings at that time showed the subscriptions to be very high by current standards.

Average earnings 1911 – 1912, for the following professions, in today’s currency :-

  • Agricultural Labourers  – £46-96
  • General Labourers  – £74-04
  • Government Workers  – £85-91
  • Police/Guards  – £70-62
  • Miners  – £83-63
  • Government Officials – £161-61
  • Skilled Engineers – £102-34 to £125-21
  • Clergy –  £206-00
  • Solicitors/Barristers –  £1343.00
  • Solicitors Clerks – £229.00
  • Surgeons –  £272.00
  • Teachers – £176.50
  • Engineers/Surveyors –  £287.37
  • Builders  – £78.35

Lodge Meetings were held in the Angel Hotel and, in the early days, in a very small room over the archway fronting the road. This room has since been turned into two small bedrooms. It is gathered from W/Bro. Pettifer’s notes that the room was rather small and illuminated by gas lights. Again a quote from paper, when he says : “ However, the work of the Lodge proceeded quite well under difficulties, attended by the constant clanging of crystal glass pendants on the gas fittings by the DC and Deacon’s wands”

During 1913 lofts over the stables at the rear of the Angel Hotel were converted into the Banquet and Ballroom, which many of us remember. W/Bro. Pettifer tells us that the work was carried out at a cost of £600, and it was let to the Lodge at a rent of £15 per annum ; the first Lodge held in that accommodation being the September meeting in 1913. Many of our older members will remember this room and although it was apparently a welcome relief to the then members, it was quite a difficult task to run the Lodge under the circumstances. All our equipment had to be stored in a small room which, from memory, I would say was no larger than 8 foot square, and all the pedestals, carpets, and everything, had to be packed away into this room before we could dine. We were unable to get this material out until the Sunday morning preceding our Lodge, with the result that rehearsals were held on Sunday afternoons. A further result of this difficulty was that Stewards in those days had to work very hard, as they were responsible for assisting the Tyler to pack away all our material and then bring in the tables and set them up for dining. Those who were fortunate enough not to be involved in this work retired to the bar below for about 20 minutes. Our present day Stewards do not realise how lucky they are!Angel-Hotel


In November 1913 the Lodge resolved to form a Lodge of Instruction and that it is pleasurable to be able to say that it has never ceased to function since that day. The Lodge owes a very great debt to the many and several Preceptors who have given so generously of their time in organising and running this side of our affairs.

Lodge Summonses, it would appear, were not bound into the Minute Book until the September meeting in 1915. There is no reason given why they should not have been or why they were suddenly bound into the book; one can only assume that is was the result of a directive from Grand Lodge.

In 1919 W/Bro. General Sir Francis J. Davies was appointed PGM for Worcestershire, in which capacity he faithfully fulfilled his duties until his death in 1948. This was a great honour to the Lodge and one in which we still take great pride.

1923 saw the the initiation in April, of Bro. T. C. Sheaf, who again became a great stalwart of the Lodge, and a wonderful example to us all. He was installed into the chair in 1934. He served as Secretary, Treasurer and DC., was always ready to help or guide in his kindly, considerate manner and celebrated the 50th Anniversary of his installation into the chair in 1984. In commemoration of his 50th Anniversary the Lodge purchased its present set of working tools which have been suitably inscribed on the top as a permanent memorial of this wonderful man.

At the November meeting in 1924 the Right Rev. Bishop Herbert Gresford-Jones, whose address was “The Vicarage”, Pershore, was initiated. He was passed in April 1925 and raised at the November meeting of the same year. In the last column in the Entry Book it is stated that he resigned on 21st September 1928. He had probably moved on to pastures greener but I do not understand why, for the first time that I can see in the book up to that date, it is marked by the side, “Dues all clear”.

At the same meeting on the 9th November 1924 there is an entry that Bro. Guy Leigh Elkington was admitted as a joining member. Many of us will remember this Brother who had lost an arm during the First World War and remained with us until his late 70s. After his death it was found that his father had been the Deputy PGM for Warwickshire and was associated with Elkington Family of Silversmiths. He visited quite regularly but never took office. He was a perfect gentleman and always welcome in our midst.

In W/Bro. Albert Pettifer’s notes for the 50th Anniversary he referred to the great debt the lodge owed to three Past Masters from St. Georges Lodge (900, Tewkesbury), namely W/Bro. A. Trenfield, who was one of our founders, and was installed Master in 1916, W/Bro. A. G. Sams, who was one of the joining members at the first meeting in February 1912 but never occupied the chair, and W/Bro. L. G. Badham, who joined us in 1916, was installed into the chair in 1927, which he occupied for two years, 1927 and 1928.

Similarly, the Lodge also owes a very great debt to W/Bro. Albert Pettifer who occupied the chair in 1924 and again in 1938. W/Bro. Pettifer was a great stalwart of the Lodge, occupied most of the offices, including Secretary, Treasurer, DC and Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction. In 1962 he celebrated the 50th Anniversary of his initiation. At the April meeting he was presented with a silver matchbox inscribed on one side with the Lodge Crest and on the other a record of the event. He was then invited to assume the chair and to perform the ceremony of the evening, that of passing Bro. L. R. D. More, a ceremony which he performed in an impeccable manner, much to the delight of the assembled Brethren.

In 1925 General Sir Francis Davies presided at the Festival for The Boy’s Institution and on this occasion, our Province raised over £12,000.

Interleaved in the Minute Book for the meeting of 13th February 1928 is a letter from the Province informing Lodges that the Right Worshipful PGM had decided each Lodge in the Province should be visited at an ordinary Meeting by one of the Provincial Grand Officers for the year. This is the first indication of a Provincial Visitor and on this occasion the RW PGM. had appointed W/Bro. E.W. Beck, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies and a member of the Abbot Lichfield Lodge, to be our Provincial Visitor. This was the same meeting at which W/Bro. L.G.Badham, who was already the Master, was elected to continue for another year and after declaring all offices vacant he proceeded to appoint and invest the new officers for that year.. At the meeting in March it is reported : “ The report of the Audit Committee was received. W/Bro. Badham proposed and W/Bro. Taylor seconded that the report be adopted – carried “ This the only reference to the Treasurer’s Balance Sheet and was the usual way in which it was recorded. The balance sheet is appended and contains an item, “Jewels presented to P.M. and Treasurer : £11” There is no reference in the minutes to a jewel being presented to the Treasurer, but W/Bro. Gammon had been Treasurer for a long number of years and continued to be Treasurer for a considerable further period. There was also an item for “organ keys, 1s”. If these were fitted, the organ which I ultimately had the dubious pleasure of playing, it could be that they were worth more than the instrument itself. It is also interesting to note that the rent and insurance was the grand total £15 – 4s, and postage amounted £4-11s-1d.

In 1935, our first WM. General Sir Francis J. Davies, brought yet another honour to the Lodge when he was appointed Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, and was installed as such.

Also in 1935 the Avon Lodge entertained Provincial Grand Lodge in the Shire Hall in Worcester. This was the last time a single Lodge had the honour, since when it has been organised by the Worcestershire Associated Masonic Lodges under one or other of its groups.

In 1936 a jewel was presented to W/Bro. Chapman for his long service as Secretary. This jewel is still extant and figures in the balance sheet for that year, indicated as a cost of £5-00. it is a special jewel of 9 carat gold.

September 1938 saw the initiation of Bro. A.J. Ballard, a name which many of our present members still remember with great pride. He was installed in the chair in 1949 and served as Preceptor and Director of Ceremonies in the Lodge for many years. Many of our present Past Masters owe a great debt to him for the work that he did primarily as Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction. His death in 1979 was again a great loss to us.

In 1940 W/Bro. Albert Pettifer was appointed to Grand Lodge and received the rank of Past Assistant Grand Standard Bearer. This was an honour richly deserved and much appreciated by all the Brethren of the Lodge who owed such a great debt to this wonderful Mason.

In January 1947 the Deputy Grand Master W/Bro. General Sir Francis J. Davies, Provincial Grand Master, installed W/Bro. Ben Marsh as Assistant (Provincial?) Grand Master during our Lodge meeting. This was about the last Masonic duty the General performed.

1948 saw the initiation of another wonderful mason in the person of George Farr who was initiated at the March Meeting that year. His memory is still very vivid with us. He was installed Master in 1961, was Master during our 50th Celebration and passed to the Grand Lodge above in 1981 after having fulfilled most of the offices of the Lodge. The one for which he will be best remembered was that of Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction.

In March 1949 W/Bro. Henry King was initiated. He was installed Master in 1962, and again in 1982.

April 1950 saw W/Bro.Major Melville Newman join us. A time serving soldier and a stalwart of the Glittering Star Lodge attached to the Worcestershire Regiment and a Grand Lodge Officer of Ireland, he became a great asset to us and occupied the chair in 1971. Unfortunately he did not complete his year as he was called to the Grand Lodge above in the December.

March 1954 saw the initiation of W/Bro. E.A.Moss, another one of the stalwart masons produced by this lodge. W/Bro. Moss has been Secretary, Director of Ceremonies, and Preceptor. He has put his hand to whatever might have been needed in the Lodge. He was called to the Grand Lodge above in 2007.

In 1960, still further honours came to our Lodge when our W/Bro. Lieut. Colonel. O.W.Dudley-Smith was appointed Senior Grand Deacon in the United Grand Lodge of England.. W/Bro. O.W.D.Smith was initiated at the November Meeting in 1936. Whilst a Major in the Grenadier Guards. Due to War Service he did not reach the chair until 1951, and can best be described as a true English Gentleman.

The 50th Anniversary was celebrated in the Lodge Room at the Angel Hotel, Pershore on the 11th January 1962, under the Mastership of W/Bro. G.E.Farr. On that occasion W/Bro. Albert Pettifer gave a brief History of the first 50 years, and we are greatly indebted to the notes he left, which have enabled quite a large part of this history to be compiled.

Towards the end of 1961 news came through to us that our W/Bro. Lieut. Colonel O.W.Dudley-Smith, Vice-Lieutenant of the County and, Past Senior Grand Deacon of the United Grand Lodge of England was to be appointed P.G.M and was installed at the Winter Gardens, Malvern, on March 26th 1962. W/Bro. Dudley-Smith endeared himself to all throughout the Province during the years he ruled over us until his death in December 1973. His Memorial Service in Worcester Cathedral was an eloquent tribute to this very worthy gentleman and a wonderful Mason.Three-Tuns


During the summer recess of 1963 the Landlordship of the Angel Hotel suddenly changed. The new Landlord informed the Lodge that he was not interested in any banqueting arrangements, and wished to turn the room used as our Lodge Room, into bedrooms and that we could not use the accommodation to re-open in the September. This was a great blow and for a time the Lodge was without a home. Fortunately the Landlord of the Three Tuns Hotel (pictured above), made the Ball-room available together with a small room adjacent which we converted into storage and changing rooms. Unfortunately this accommodation was most unsuitable and, after much discussion, it was decided to ask Evesham if we might use their rooms until a final decision could be made. We moved into the rooms in December 1966 during W/Bro. Carrington’s Mastership. In due course a decision was made to remain there and some of the money raised over the many years in Pershore for the purpose of building our own premises was used to purchase shares in the Evesham Masonic Hall Company Limited., Swan Lane Evesham.  We have been happy in these rooms and are grateful to our Evesham friends for the opportunity to share in this building. The first Avon Master to be installed in these rooms was W/Bro. Ken Vickridge, unfortunately no longer with us.Evesham-Masonic-Hall


In 1967 W/Bro. H.W.King was appointed Provincial Grand Warden.

In 1973 W/Bro. H.W.King brought another honour to the Lodge when he was appointed Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in the United Grand Lodge of England. 1983 saw W/Bro. H.King appointed one of our Assistant Provincial Grand Masters by Right W/Bro. E.F. Hanson, P.G.M. This investiture took place in the Great Hall at the University of Birmingham on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting in September. W/Bro. King has brought a further honour to the Lodge, when in 1985, he was appointed Senior Grand Deacon of the United Grand Lodge of England.

1984 saw the 50th Anniversary of the installation into the Master’s chair of W/Bro. T.C.Sheaf. Unfortunately he was unable to be present on that occasion but the wishes of the Lodge were communicated to him and the Lodge purchased the new set of working tools contained in the three drawers now on the side of the WM’s pedestal and which have been suitably plated and inscribed
on the top to mark this wonderful achievement, given to so few people. Not only do these working tools mark the actual 50th Anniversary but commemorate the hard work and dedication of this wonderful mason, both to Avon Lodge and to Craft Masonry in general.

In 1969 our P.G.M. Right W/Bro. O.W.D.Smith presided at the Annual Festival for the Boy’s Institution when a large number of our members and members from the local area journeyed to Great Queen Street to support him in the celebrations. On this occasion the Province raised £327,461 – 00, towards a total of £467,620 – 00.

The Charities have been well supported by the Lodge in General and is now Patron of all four of the Masonic Institutions.


Text assembled and written by :-
W/Bro. R.D.Hendrick PPrGSwdB and W/Bro. P.M.Sealey PPrSGD
Acknowledgments :- “75 Years – A Brief History” The late W/Bro. H.W.King PSGD Asst PGM. “History of the Masonic Province of Worcestershire” 1989