Avon Lodge 3569 is based in Evesham in the Province of Worcestershire and the is part of the United Grand Lodge of England. You are welcome to browse all areas of our site.

Lodge News And Events

The Avon Run 2018

  The Avon Lodge No. 3569, in collaboration with Blox.Events is proud to present The Avon Run 2018. The Avon Run is a vehicle based orienteering event. In teams, you will explore the local area hunting for clues and answering local knowledge questions. The aim is to completeall elements of the run covering the shortest distance and in the timeliest fashion. The A [...]

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Missing Ted

Join the fun and find the Ted   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1843902602590692/ [...]

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New dates for 2018

Below is a list of our next meetings.   Date Mon 12 Feb 2018 2nd Mon Feb Installation Mon 12 March 2018 2nd Mon March Talking Heads Presentation Mon 09th April 2018 2nd Mon April 50th year Certificate & a 2nd Degree Mon 10th Sep 2018 2nd Mon September 3rd Degree Mon 8th Oct 2018 2rd Mon Oct 3rd Degreel Mon 19th Nov [...]

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This is our meeting schedule for 2017

  Date Avon 3569 Mon 13 Feb 2017 2nd Mon Feb Installation Mon 10 Apr 2017 2nd Mon April 3rd Mon 11 Sep 2017 2nd Mon Sept Initiation Mon 9th Oct 2017 2nd Mon Oct 2nd Mon 20 Nov 2017 3rd Mon Nov LOI Festival   [...]

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Avon Lodge regular meetings are on the second Monday of Feb April September and October.